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Izmir Bodrum Bicycle Route 2012
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Duration : 4 or 5 days
Number of participants : 10 persons
DAY-0 Arrival to İzmir. (Transfer from the airport to the hotel)
DAY-1 İzmir-Selcuk (Ephesus, The House of Virgin Mary, Sirince Village)
DAY-2 Selcuk-Kusadasi (Dilek National Park, The Temple of Artemis,)
DAY-3 Kusadasi-Didim (The Temple of Apollon, Priene, Miletos)
DAY-4 Didim-Bodrum (Bodrum Castle, Museum of Underwater Archeology)
We advise one extra day to visit Heraklia Ancient City and Bafa Lake Natural Park. Before going to Bodrum from Didim, it can be very easy to pass through Bafa Lake road to visit Heraklia. Wonderful place to visit and cycle around.
Milestones of the trip


İzmir-Ahmetbeyli-Selcuk 87,6 km

DAY-1 (Route-2)

You can take the alternative way to go to Selcuk rather then the main road.
This road is suitable for cycling. You will take the internal village way until Ahmetbeyli.
After Ahmetbeyli you will take the beautiful coastline road to Selcuk.
This route is very pleasant for cycling.


Selcuk-Efes-Kusadasi 29 km


It is only 29 km’s from Selcuk to Kusadasi.
This is the shortest way to go to Kusadasi.
The road is asphalt.
There are some hilly areas on the road.
Short climbing stages will be passed.


Kusadasi-Didim via Dilek Yarimadasi Natural Park 92,5 km

DAY-3 (Route-1)

There are two different ways from Kusadasi to Didim.
Route-1 is very fantastic and natural but longer and difficult.
Route-2 is asphalt session. We advise you to take the road via Natural Park of Dilek Yarimadasi.



Kuşadası-Didim via Söke 74,8 km

DAY-3 (Route-2)

This route is compeletely flat asphalt road, but crowded with cars and trucks.



Didim -Bodrum 119 km

DAY-4 (Route-1)

Hard day for cycling.. Very nice views of Bafa Lake.
You will pass through Milas district.
Need to wake up early in the morning.
It will take at least 6 hours of cycling today.



Didim-Kapikiri 54,7 km


Instead of going directly from Didim to Bodrum, it will be very funny to visit old ancient city Heraklia(Kapikiri) and Bafa Lake.
One night extra accomodation near the lake among the olive trees will get you extra energy for the next day.



Kapikiri-Bodrum 87,2 km


After breathing the old ancient city air and breakfast with the olives, you can feel ready to go Bodrum for the last day.
It is only 87 km’s to reach the famous Bodrum.



Download pdf document :  http://izmirbisiklet.org/ibd/izmir_bodrum_bicycle_route_2012.pdf

Pictures and videos from the tour;

Bike Trip Turkey 2011


Bike Trip Turkey 2011 Mark


Bike Trip Turkey 2011- Dave W